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There are multiple ways and areas, where actions can be triggered. For the detailed explanations of the functions of those actions, go to the “working with ToolLink section”.

The first, most obvious and most general action area, are the action buttons on the top left.

New Import

With this button, you can import items and graphics that have been requested from you. Click “New Import”, then choose the import type from the list:

               DIN4000 XML

               DIN26100 ZIP

               Input Table


For Input tables and graphics, watch these tutorials first:

  • Editing data through the input tables
  • Uploading data with the Graphics import option

Then either simply drag & drop the file you want to upload into the Select file area, or choose one through the Select file window.

Graphic import template

You can download the graphic import template here. You can find this and multiple other template in the Menu à Import templates area

  •  Uploading data with the Graphics import option


There are two ways to reach the action options. Either on the very right of every item,  click the “3-dot” button and choose which action to perform with this particular item. Or you can choose the items that you’d like to perform an action with from the list below by ticking the boxes at the front. Afterwards the “Selection”-Button will give you the following options:

  • Set classification system

Choose this to set the item type for all selected items. This is a mandatory step before using the Input table / Excel export (see è Editing data through the input tables)

  • Apply class on tools

If you have multiple items that have the same item type, use this option to apply the tool class of one of the selected items on all other items. If multiple items already have varying classes, the system will let you choose which one to use for all items.

  • Perform data check

Whenever you are uncertain if the system really checked for your latest changes, use this to re run the data check. Sometimes a refresh of the page helps as well

  • In progress

Manually move the items in question to the “in progress” tab. This helps your colleagues and customers to track progress

  • Mark as done

When you’ve finished working on one or more items, mark them as done. Your customer will check them and tell you if they are satisfied with the results

  • Reject

Sometimes you can not work on the items requested by your customer. Choose those items and reject them. Choose a reason from the list to let your customer know what’s wrong with the items:

  • Duplicate items (you’ve already submitted this item)
    • Item ID incorrect (you can not identify the item)
    • Item outdated (item hasn’t been produced in a long time)
  • Export (Excel)

Export the items into an Excel file. This function is outdated, please use the data input tables.

  • Export

Export the item in a standard format  (DIN/ISO) or as Data input table. Every item that you enter on ToolLink belongs to you, the manufacturer. You are free to use it for other customers in one of the offered formats.

  • Add to my tool list

Add the item to a tool list

  • Input assistant

Open the item in the input assistant. This is a learning tool that helps you to edit items even with no knowledge of the standards DIN/ISO at all. We do recommend to do a professional training though.

  • Add comment (single select only)

You can manually add comments to single items. Either to let your coworkers or your customer know something important about this data record.

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