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"What if?" and "How to?"

Supplier Perspective

Here it depends on how much your tool deviates from the standard. Can you identify the rough class of the tool? If you are only unsure about the image identification, pick the one that comes closest to your tool. However, if this is not enough, because you are missing important parameters or no image identifier fits, you can always use image identifier
“0”. Change to the “all parameters” display (chapter 3.4.5, item 6) and enter all important parameters. At best, save a sketch with which the parameters can be identified.
If this is not enough for you, special tools can also be defined in ToolLink. Here, talk to your customer definitively and consider together how the description of the tool can best be made. Your customer must create the class and store sketches. We will be happy to support you in this – who knows, maybe an inclusion in the DIN4000 and ISO13399 standards would make sense and we would be happy to submit the application.

There is a precise definition or even a principal sketch for almost every property in ToolLink. If the explanation is not sufficient for you, you can simply fill in the properties and see how the graphic generator reacts to your input. By comparing the tool with the graphic generated from the parameters, you can quickly find out different interpretations of properties.
By the way: Typing errors can also be quickly identified in this way.

Simply switch the view during data entry. You can switch between DIN and the ISO view at the touch of a button.

Tool User Perspective

TL offers the possibility to generate graphics according to the standard from parameters. If a tool supplier supplies graphics, the system automatically checks whether they are structured according to the standard and alternatively generates a graphic via the parameters. Thus, there are two ways for the tool supplier to fulfill the graphic requirements.

First of all check if a graphic was found or if only the quality is criticized. To do this, move your mouse pointer to the appropriate symbol. If the graphic is not available according to the help text, please check whether you have uploaded a detailed model or a simplified envelope contour model. Your customer will only request certain files, for everything else you will not see a check. If you still have problems, please contact your CIMSOURCE contact or the author of this document.

If you are notified that the file exists but is not DIN4000 compliant, you must clarify with your customer whether the file’s defects are sufficient for his requirements. If your customer is satisfied with the file, add a comment to the article for safety’s sake so that the inspector knows. If not, you must revise the file according to DIN4003 requirements. CIMSOURCE will be happy to help you with this.

Some tool manufacturers find it difficult to classify their products. For some tools, there are also alternative approaches to classification. If you want to make sure that your tool requests are classified according to your requirements, then simply classify the tools yourself before sending the request to the manufacturer.

A request for tool data using ToolLink is no guarantee that the supplier will respond. All you are asking for is standard data. Clearly defined requirements, make data delivery easy for your suppliers.

ToolLink has interfaces to many TMS and CAD systems. Once you have created a clean database with ToolLink, you can then get the data into your new system. This allows you to complete the tasks simultaneously: The tool suppliers prepare your data while you take your time to select the right system.